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Most pro basketball handicappers & gamblers don't succeed making NBA picks long term perhaps because they use NBA gambling info & NBA betting stats already factored into Las Vegas pro basketball lines to make their NBA basketball picks & predictions... has a different theory. We use our innovative Backwards Odds Handicapping of Las Vegas NBA Odds and point spreads to look for possible indications in the NBA line as to which teams oddsmakers may think have an edge to cover the spread.
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Entertainment Value Principle of Sports Betting subscribes to the Entertainment Value Principle of Sports Betting. For many, placing a bet can be a great way to make a game more exciting. After all, not everyone's favorite team plays everyday and if they are playing, they may not always be on TV.

In these situations, people often times want a reason to root for one of the teams that is playing. For many, placing a bet provides that reason to root for one of the teams... A little vested interest that makes the game more exciting and thus increase the entertainment value of the sport.

However, if you are increasing the entertainment value of sports by betting with your next month's rent money, your children's lunch money, or with any other monies that you normally rely upon to meet your daily requirements, you may have a gambling problem.

If you have a gambling problem, sports betting is not the thing for you. Please do not use this service-- because you are not trying to enhance the entertainment value of the games you enjoy.

Ask yourself, would you spend your rent money on a show? Would you spend your rent money on a ticket to a ball game? You probably wouldn't. It's no different with any kind of sports betting because there is always some risk involved.

So if you have come to this site to get picks to wager with monies you wouldn't normally make available for entertainment purposes, asks that you click on this link to gamblers anonymous so you can guarantee yourself that the money you rely upon to meet your daily needs will be spent upon the necessities of your life-- before you risk spending them on increasing the entertainment value of the sports you enjoy.

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